An Excerpt from “Colour Red”

It was on a Friday afternoon that my eyes first met his. November 3rd, or was it the 2nd? I did not see how the date would matter, for I was not gone for the purpose of staying. I was basically dragged out of my house, almost forcefully, by Nadia, my best friend. Yes! I might be one dark soul, but like many, I do have this one person with whom I share enough to call her a best friend. She solely decided that I needed a fresh day out after several weeks spent in what she called “utter” darkness—typical Nadia. Little did I resist at first, for I knew my dear old Nadia would not let me be at peace unless I agreed to go with her, so to avoid the annoyance, I went.

It was to a café owned by her uncle that we went—as we habitually do—after having spent an hour shopping and another chilling. And it was there that I first laid eyes on him. Right after we took seats and Nadia started jokingly eyeing up each and every guy that came in, which was embarrassing and funny at once, he walked in—a tall, very white guy he was, blonde, approximately 21 years old. He was dressed almost all in black: his long, sleeveless vest, his hat, and his Converse shoes. His denim shorts were dark blue. As soon as he entered, he took off his sunglasses, revealing the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. Eyes where blue married green and merged with grey. A mixture that gave them a glare was rarely if ever, seen. As much as I hate it and would never admit it, it is true. Even I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Now, hey! Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t really that attracted; I was just intrigued.

He did not take a seat right away. He had to go to the loo first. God knows he wouldn’t have found a place to sit in anyway—the café was crowded. Perhaps he knew that from the start, which might have been why he went to the restroom in the first place. Oddly enough, I found myself in need of being there as well. Thankfully, I did what I needed to do quickly and ran back to my seat, only to find the one next to it empty. Oh yes! By the time I got there, my best friend, Nadia, was gone. All I found was a note saying:

“Sorry, babe! I need to go. Enjoy your time AND YOUR DATE!! Tell me all about it later! Love, Nadia x”