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The Burning Candle

He was sitting in the corner of his room, pressed against the wall. He stared at the burning candle, hoping it…

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Spiders in my head, busy building webs that spread, fill me up when I am lying in my bed, feeling empty. They pull…

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Al-Farasha, Unnamed

The station is fussy. People are coming, going, embracing, crying, and looking at their tickets repeatedly. Yet,…

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The Olive Writers Summer Camp 2023

We are very happy to announce the fifth edition of The Olive Writers Summer Camp, organized in partnership with…

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Running out of Age

I’m a thief I confess; Stealing youth out of- Cigarettes I bring to life, And suffocate with my lips. But I take…

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My Heart that is my Art

But my heart, my heart, from where  And where do I start? And how, How should I begin? This sad song   That I…

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In Memoriam

My sister Meryem was born when I was five years old. At that time, I started forming explicit childhood memories.…

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Distance – A Short Story

The white cloth draped over my shoulders is the only thing that reminds me, in such moments of chaos, of the…

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I’m Only a Wayfarer

I’m only a wayfarer, Travelling across lands, Crossing deserts with all their hazards. Barefoot, Half-naked, And…

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A chattered piece of me

A Funeral Feast It was on a Sunday evening that I happened to be invited to my cousin’s engagement party. When I arrived to the house at the appointed time, it was already swarming with family members and friends that I scarcely knew half of them. I made my way straight upstairs…

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