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Distance – A Short Story

The white cloth draped over my shoulders is the only thing that reminds me, in such moments of chaos, of the…

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I’m Only a Wayfarer

I’m only a wayfarer, Travelling across lands, Crossing deserts with all their hazards. Barefoot, Half-naked, And…

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Ocean Eyes

Silence is heard from a distance, Its dullness is smiling with a grim grimace. The place echoes sounds of furious…

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My Grief

My grief is deceptive, Quicksand that swallows you entirely When you think the floor is steady beneath your feet.…

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Song of the Recluse Writer

Won’t country nights be lonely nights? You said. How could they? The cattle are out of the barn, Over the dew…

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For all the times you stepped in and out of me looking for hope, For all the times you thought sitting in that…

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The Time Has Come

Facing four walls, Each looking me in the eye, Greeting me every now and then, Blinking like a dog And speaking…

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The gravity of time holds me down; Like a tree I'm growing up in my place, Or a bird caged in my own space. I keep…

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A Funeral Feast It was on a Sunday evening that I happened to be invited to my cousin’s engagement party. When I arrived to the house at the appointed time, it was already swarming with family members and friends that I scarcely knew half of them. I made my way straight upstairs…

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